1˚ Open House for Children


On October 29, 2016, Z42 received the children for a Collaborative Panel prepared with the artist Bruno Big. They were directed to fill the areas marked by the artist using a brush, paint roller and water-based paint.
They also participated in the Ateliê Historinha da Arte with Mônica Pessoa. Activities of experimental artistic practices were carried out, beginning a journey through the caves of Prehistory and its cave paintings.

Images and Edition: Laura Fragoso
Music: Bensound - Ukulele

Reading - The World Machine

Record of a moment of group reading of the poem "A Máquina do Mundo" by Carlos Drummond de Andrade.

Jorge Barata - Action Painting


The Artist Jorge Barata, during the practice of action painting, in his studio, at Z42 Arte.

Rona - in the attic of the Z42


Artist Rona, talks about his creation process.



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