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Meu mundo caiu – Outros países na coleção do Mian

Casa Z42 is located in the Cosme Velho neighborhood, a few meters from the train station in the direction of Cristo Redentor. The house of eclectic architecture from the 1930s, houses nine studios for artists, Galeria Z with five exhibition halls, in addition to the auditorium, garage (multipurpose space) and an open-air space with an attached stage. In order to create a living body, where art breathes and is constantly disseminated, Z42 operates in the contemporary art scene in its various interdisciplinary and transversal aspects, by contemplating in its spaces the various existing contemporary artistic languages ​​and its conceptual developments.

Its 1,500 m2 is filled with fullness by contemporary art through experiments, courses, workshops, seminars, lectures, gastronomy, cinema, theater and exhibitions. Inserted in the cultural circuit of the city of Rio de Janeiro, house Z42 seeks, through its activities, to interact with the public and provide diverse experiences.


The house is open to the public for free visitation. Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 12h to 17h.

Sobre a exposição



Meu mundo caiu – Outros países na coleção do Mian
Idealização e direção executiva: Fabio Szwarcwald
Curadoria: Ulisses Carrilho


De segunda a sexta, somente com agendamento prévio através do email:  


Local: Z42 Arte

End: R. Filinto de Almeida, 42 - Cosme Velho
Rio de Janeiro | RJ

Tel: (21) 98148-8146


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Canais Arte nas Estações: | @artenasestacoes

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